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Off-site Backup Service

Ensure your data is safe where no one but you can get to it in case of an accident or hard drive failure. For $0.25 per GB you can safely store a backup of your PC in the cloud with data compression.

There are 2 different kinds of backups that will be performed when you have my backup client installed.

  1. File Backups
    1. Files will be backed up daily and if you change a file it will be updated when the next backup is done.
    2. You can restore files on your own with the client running on your computer.
  2. Image Backups
    1. This is for a complete disaster. If the hard drive in your computer fails you can restore your latest backup to a new hard drive and it’ll be back to normal again.

Losing data means losing money so get backed up and have some piece of mind.
Contact me to setup a backup now.