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PC Cleanup tips

Here are some things that could come in handy if you think your computer has a bug. Use these resources in the order listed to clean up your PC.

  1. MalwareBytes Antimalware
    1. This software is completely free unless you decide to buy the premium version. In some cases I recommend buying the premium version for $24.95 because it can help keep your computer running clean from malicious software that slows down your computer.
  2. Trend Micro House call
    1. This is a real virus scanner and is also free. Use this to scan for viruses if you think you have a bug.
  3. ADWCleaner
    1. This software will remove ads from your PC. This is a very common problem and clicking on one ad will often install software on your computer to give you even more ads whether you’re interested in the ad or not.
  4. Vacuum or Blow out dust in your computer
    1. Dust inside your computer blocks airflow which will warm up your computer making the computer work harder than it needs to, shortening it’s life. Dust is also the leading cause of fan failure which leads to Hard drive failure and even Processor overheating.