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Computers and their maintenance shouldn’t make you go broke.

  • Off-site Backup Services Keeps your data safe.
  • File backups are $10 per month for the first 10GB and $.25 cents per GB per month for anything over that.
  • Image Backups for $0.25 per GB per month
  • Most data is compressed to nearly half it’s original size

  • Remote support Services allow me to help you anywhere in the world as long as we both have internet.
  • I don’t charge to have this service. I only charge while I’m connected and helping you.

  • Mail-in Laptop Repair
  • I have special laptop shipping boxes that I can ship you.
  • Once I have diagnosed your Laptop I will call you with an estimate for the repair and ship it back should you decide to have me fix it.

Check the competitor’s websites and you’ll see that you will spend at least $50 just for them to tell you what is wrong.